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Síldarvinnslan - Major Holdings   7.10.2004 10:23:17
News categories: Major holdings      Íslenska  English

Name of party notifying

Gjögur ehf.



Address of the party notifing

Tómasarhaga 46


107 Reykjavík

Date of transaction


Number of shares in transaction


Number of shares before the transaction


Number of shares after the transaction


Holdings of total nominal value before the transaction %


Holdings of total nominal value after the transaction %


Notification is based on

Art. 28 (1) of the Act no. 33/2003 point(s) no.1.






Additional information

On June 1st 2004 Gjögur ehf., Samherji hf., Samvinnufélag Útgerðarmanna, Snæfugl ehf. and Kaldbakur hf. issued a take over bid in which they offered to purchase all outstanding shares in Síldarvinnslan hf. This transfer forms a part of that transaction. All parties to the take over bid have decided that Gjögur ehf. will purchase these shares on behalf of them. The agreement between these parties to operate Síldarvinnslan, which was the reason for the issue of the take over bid, is still in force between these parties. These parties hold 90,2396% in Síldarvinnslan.