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Nýherji - Annual Meeting 26 January 2007   12.1.2007 08:55:30
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The Annual General Meeting of Nyherji hf

The Annual General Meeting of Nyherji hf. will be held on Friday, 26 January 2007. The meeting will be held on the company’s premises at Borgartún 37 and will begin at 16:00.


The agenda for the meeting


1.       Normal business of the Annual General Meeting pursuant to Article 4.5 of the Articles of Association of Nyherji hf.


2.       Motion concerning authorisations to the Board of Directors with respect to increases in share capital in accordance with Article 41 of the Act on Limited Liability Companies.


3.       Motion for a reduction in share capital, amounting to ISK 13 million, to be carried out by writing down shares owned by the company.


4.       Motion relating to the company’s authorisation to purchase own shares, in accordance with Article 55 of the Act on Limited Liability Companies.


5.       Any other business, lawfully submitted.


Ballots and documents for the meeting will be delivered at the meeting. Shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting but intend to appoint a proxy must do so in writing.  The Annual Accounts and the motions submitted at the meeting will be published on the company's website,, on 19 January 2007.


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