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Frumherji hf. - Delisting of shares   28.2.2003 13:21:10
Flokkur: Skráningar / afskráningar      Íslenska  English
Frumherji hf. (Inspection and Testing), symbol FRMH, will be delisted from ICEX Alternative Market after end of trading session today February 28, 2003 in accordance with the company´s request. Following a takeover offer, Sikill ehf, which is owned by Óskar Eyjólfsson, the Manager of Frumherji hf., has aquired more than 96,88% of the company’s total shares. The Board of Directors has decided that the minority of shareholders shall be subject to redemption of their shares in accordance with the Act respecting Public Limited Companys no. 2/1995. The Company does not fulfill the listing requirements for the ICEX Alternative Market. The delisting is made by reference to Art. 26 of Rules on the Listing of Securities on the ICEX Alternative Market.

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