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Icelandair Group - Shares will be listed on ICEX Main List 12 Feb. 2007   8.2.2007 14:11:14
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At a shareholder´s meeting in Icelandair Group Holding hf

At a shareholder´s meeting in Icelandair Group Holding hf. a motion for the merger of Icelandair Group Holding hf. and its subsidiary, Icelandair Group hf., undir the name of the subsidiary, was agreed. Icelandair Group Holding hf. will be delisted from ICEX Main List February 9th.



Icelandair Group Holding hf. shares will be listed on ICEX Main List February 12th 2007.  The nominal value of the company’s total share capital is ISK 1,000,000,000. It should be noted that the shares of Icelandair Group hf. inherit the ISIN code, ticker symbol and the orderbook id of the shares of Icelandair Group Holding hf. The treatment of the shares in ICEX equity indices is as if the two companies are one and the same.


Icelandair Group hf. is a holding company with service companies in the airline, transportation and tourism and related industries. The Group´s role is to provide its owners with return on their investment through the profitable operation and growth of these companies. The Group focuses on three main areas: International Scheduled Airline Operations, Global Capasity.


The company’s symbol in the trading system is ICEAIR.


ISIN code is IS0000013464.  Orderbook ID 37744.


Trading lot is 2,000 shares.


The GICS industry classification:


GICS number and name

Sub-Industry:                           20302010 Airlines       

Industry:                                  203020 Airlines    

Industry Group:                        2030 Transportation       

Sector:                                     20 Industrials


Manager of the listing is Glitnir banki hf.  The prospectus is available from February 12th on the ICEX News Web under the heading:  Prospectuses at





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