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New municipal bond listing, Thorshafnarhreppur, effective 8.Nov.99.   8.11.1999 11:21:08
News categories: Listings / Delistings      English
Thorshafnarhreppur (Thorshofn Township), address Langanesvegi 2, 681 Thorshofn, Iceland, phone (+354) 468 1220, fax 468 1323. Symbol SVTHR1911/A, serial bond, 6.5% fixed interest, semi-annual coupon and payment of 1/40th of principal, first coupon date 1.May.00, maturity 1.Nov.2019. Nominal value of issue ISK 100 Million. Face value of bonds ISK 5 Million. Date of issue 20.Oct.99. Linked to CPI-index, value on date of issue 191.8, current value (01.Oct.99) 193.3.
Member responsible for listing: Kaupthing Nordurlands.