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FL GROUP - Related party trading   5.3.2007 10:48:03
News categories: Trading in own shares      Íslenska  English
Name of related party trading the shares

Name of related party trading the shares

Hagar hf.

Name of primary insider

BG Capital ehf. (Baugur Group hf.)

Relations with the issuer


Date of transaction


Buy or Sell

Kaup / Buy

Type of instrument

Hlutabréf / Equities

Number of shares



ISK 29,50

Primary insider's holdings after the transaction


Primary insider's option holdings after the transaction


Related parties holdings after the transaction


Date of settlement




Baugur Group holds 71% of the share capital of Hagar. Baugur Group holds shares in FL Group through Baugur Group and BG Capital. The companies' total shareholding in FL Group is 1,553,281,023 shares which is19.55% of FL Group's share capital. Financially related parties holding shares in FL Group are Skarphedinn Berg Steinarsson, Fjarfestingafelagid Gaumur ehf., Eignarhaldsfelagid ISP ehf., Hreinn Loftsson, Hagar hf. and Fasteignafelagid Stodir hf. Skarphedinn Berg Steinarsson, managing director of Baugur Group and Board member of Fasteignafelagid Stodir is Chairman of the Board of FL Group. Jon Asgeir Johannesson CEO of Baugur Group and Board Member of Hagar is a Board Member of FL Group.