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Jar­boranir - Result of the takeover offer   18.1.2006 11:47:33
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The takeover offer submitted by Atorka Group hf

The takeover offer submitted by Atorka Group hf. to shareholders in Jar­boranir expired at 4:00 p.m. Monday 16 January, 2006.á The shares owned by Atorka Group in Jar­boranir, after the expiration of the takeover offer, amount to ISK 386,880,994 at nominal value, corresponding to 96.72% of the total share capital in Jar­boranir. áJar­boranir holds own shares of the nominal value of ISK 5,743,259, therefore the shares owned by Atorka Group amount to 98.16% of its active share capital.


Shareholders who accepted the takeover offer will receive shares in Atorka Group and the exchange of share certificates will take place in the period 17 ľ 23 January, 2006.


Jar­boranir does no longer fulfil the listing requirements on the Icelandic Stock Exchange because of ownership distribution.á The Board of Directors in Jar­boranir is planning to request for a cancel of Jar­boranir listing at the Icelandic Stock Exchange.


For further information, please contact Magn˙s Jˇnsson, the CEO of Atorka Group, telephone +354 540 6200.