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Offer to shareholders in Frumherji hf.   8.1.2003 10:15:51
News categories: Corporate news      Íslenska  English

Islandsbanki hf., on behalf of Sikill ehf., a company owned by Óskar Eyjólfsson Managing Director of Frumherji hf., has made an offer to shareholders of 18.2% in Frumherji hf. to buy their shares at the price of ISK 9.01 per share in. The shareholders who intend to accept the offer are required to send a notification thereof on 22 January at the latest, along with their shares, to Islandsbanki hf., Corporate Advisory, Kirkjusandi, 155 Reykjavík. Payments will be executed to the shareholders who accept the offer within the abovementioned time on 24 January at the latest.


Islandsbanki hf., on behalf of Sikill ehf., purchased in December shares in Frumherji to the nominal value of ISK 52,291,232, or 64.13% of the company.  On 3 January Islandsbanki hf., on behalf of Sikill ehf. increased its share in Frumherji hf. by 10.51% or ISK 8,584,624 nominal. In both transactions the share price was ISK 9.01 per share. Óskar Eyjólfsson´s personal share in Frumherji is 7.29% or ISK 5,956,866 nominal. Óskar Eyjólfsson´s total share in Frumherji through Sikill ehf. and privately owned shares are now 81.8% or ISK 66,832,745 nominal.


Frumherji´s shares are listed on the ICEX Alternative Market, but a delisting will be requested in the near future.