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Nordic Investment Bank - New bond listing, NIB 02 1, effective August 6 2002   2.8.2002 12:25:24
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Bonds issued by the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), Class 1 2002 (NIB 02 1), will be listed next Tuesday, August 6, 2002. The total nominal value of the issued bonds is ISK 3,000 million. Issue date is August 1, 2002, maturity date August 1, 2017. The bonds will be repaid with 15 equal annual payments, on August 1 each year, starting August 1, 2003. The rate of interest, applied to the principal amount outstanding, is 4.75% per annum. Interest is calculated from and including August 1, 2002 payable annually in arrear on August 1 each year. The bonds are linked to the Icelandic Consumer Price Index (CPI). The base index value is 223.0, which is the CPI published in July 2002 and applicable to August 2002. The bonds are issued in a denomination of ISK 10 million.


Symbol: NIB 02 1. ISIN-code: IS0000007128. Orderbook ID: 19450.

Member responsible for listing: Bunadarbanki Islands hf.