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Talenta Hataekni, Delisting of shares   17.7.2002 09:23:19
News categories: Listings / Delistings      Íslenska  English
In accordance with resolutions of the shareholders meetings, held in Talenta Luxembourg Holding S.A. on the 28th of June and the 1st of July, the appointed liquidatior of the company will commence distribution, to the shareholders of Talenta-HiTech, of shares in the Icelandic Software Fund. It is expected that the distribution will by finished by the end of business July 18th. The payment will take place in The Icelandic Securities Depository through Íslandsbanki hf. The shares in the Icelandic Software fund will be delivered to the neutral zone at the Securities Depository. After the distribution the shares in Talenta-HiTech will be deleted in the systems of the Securites Depository. After the distribution no shares will be outstanding in Talenta-HiTech (C shares in Talenta Luxembourg Holding S.A.).